About Leotex

Purpose, vision and mission



Furniture turns your house into your home. Our Purpose is to make everybody feel at home: a place to enjoy and where to feel at peace. Our fabrics contribute to this.



Our vision is to be the preferred, go-to partner for the furniture industry, looking to turn houses into homes.



Build long-term partnerships and collaborations with our clients and partners that perfectly answer the consumer demand ensuring quality, efficiency, and personalization.


Our Purpose, Vision and Mission is as applicable to the outside world as to our own company culture. We not only aim to offer our employees a path to professionally develop themselves, but also to make them feel at home at their workspace. The personal wellbeing of our employees is as important as the wellbeing of the end consumers when using our fabrics.


This philosophy also dictates how we interact with our suppliers & partners and how we expect them to act. Treat others as you want to be treated is the saying that is at the core of our working ethics. Striving for complete respect for others. We want to make everybody feel at home.

Slibbroek 39
5081 NR Hilvarenbeek
The Netherlands
+31(0)88 5577888

Office hours
Monday to Thursday 08.00 until 17.00 h
Friday 08.00 until 14.30 h

Warehouse hours Loading / Offloading
Monday to Thursday 08.00 until 16.30 h
Friday 08.00 until 14.00 h